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Harvard Sewer and Water Improvements Installation

Toro has successfully completed the new water main installation between 4th Street (east side) and Mill Street.  This week (Tuesday – Thursday) and Monday/Tuesday of next week, Toro will be making the permanent connections to the existing water mains in the following streets:


Tuesday: 5th and 7th at Harvard

Wednesday: Fire service and hydrant connections as well as private water meter connections

Thursday: 8th Street north and south sides of Harvard

Friday: No work related to the water main connections

Monday: Mill north and Brett Way at Harvard (this will shut down City Hall and PD water service)

Tuesday: California Street and Stanford Street at Harvard


The tie ins are typically taking approximately 4 hours at each location.  There are times when traffic will be shifted from one lane to another to allow for work to take place.  Additionally, when there is work taking place at a side street connection (8th, Mill north, California Street, Stanford Street) the road will be closed between Ventura Street and Harvard Blvd.  Brett Way is a terminal street so efforts will be made to keep one lane open.  5th and 7th Street connections will take place within Harvard so the side street vehicle traffic will not be affected. 


Be mindful of the traffic control setups and drive slowly through the work zone.


A second pipeline crew is working on the new water main from Peck Road to Steckel Drive.  This phase of work will install the new waterline in the same location as the existing waterline.  The existing waterline is located in the #1 eastbound lane (closest to the median).  As such, traffic will be reduced to one lane in either direction with no left turns allowed through the construction zone area.  Traffic will be using the outer #2 lanes in each direction in the work zone.  There will be rolling temporary no parking areas to allow for the traffic shifts to occur.  Outside of the work hours, there will be no restrictions. 


Traffic control will be set up in the right of way.  Please be mindful of the construction signage and the workers who are constructing this much needed project.  There will be times when lanes are closed or shifted around the work area to allow for the construction to take place.  Also, slow down as you enter and drive through the construction zone.  It is much appreciated.

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