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Harvard Sewer and Water Improvements Installation



Palm Ave northbound direction is now open as a right turn only onto Harvard.  Through and left turning movements in the northbound direction are not allowed yet.  Palm Ave southbound direction is still closed.  Eastbound and westbound directions are open, one lane only.


Toro crews are going to start setting up the traffic control for Harvard Blvd/Palm at 4:30 am tomorrow.  The intent is to have the paving start at 6 am to take advantage of the cooler temps so the asphalt concrete will cool down quicker.  That will reduce the amount of time that the intersection will be closed.  Here are the specifics:


  • Eastbound/Westbound traffic on Harvard will be one lane in each direction all day.  There will be minor delays as equipment is being shifted or traffic patterns are being changed.

  • Northbound traffic on Palm Ave will be closed to through traffic starting at 5 am.  There will be flaggers at the freeway offramps that will be directing traffic on to Santa Maria Street where drivers can go to 8th Street and back to Harvard or to Peck Road and then back to Harvard.  This will continue until 2:30 pm.

  • Southbound traffic on Palm Ave will be allowed to make right turn movements onto Harvard until approximately 8 am, but then no traffic will be allowed to enter the intersection.  Traffic will be detoured at Main Street to Steckel Drive or to 10th Street.  This will remain until 2:30 pm.  After 2:30 until the work is completed, only right turn movements will be allowed in the southbound direction.



This week will see the completion of the dusty pavement grinding work.  The Contractor is anticipating that they will have milled the pavement up 10th Street  by Wednesday of this week.  Here is the current schedule:


The second and final phase of the milling (pavement removal) work (Palm to 10th) will be done on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  Today, the intersection of Palm Ave will be impacted with grinding work and then with paving work on Wednesday.  There will be a flagger at the intersection of Palm Ave and Harvard when work is taking place in the intersection (today).  During that time, traffic will be held for a short period to allow for grinding work.  The detour today is:


Westbound traffic at Palm Ave will be detoured at 8th to Main Street and then west to Steckel Drive.

Eeastbound traffic at Steckel Drive will be detoured at Steckel Drive to Main Street and then 8th Street south to Harvard.

Southbound and Northbound traffic will be restricted, but will not be able to turn left onto Harvard at Palm.

One lane of traffic will remain open so individuals can access the businesses if that is their trip goal.  The detour is to route through vehicles around the construction area.


CMS boards have been placed at the four directions of the intersection of Palm Ave and Harvard Blvd in anticipation of the milling work taking place at that intersection today. 


On Wednesday, the paving operations are going to require the closure of the intersection of Palm Ave and Harvard.  This is going to require an extensive detour using Santa Maria Street and Main Street.  


Paving work this week will be in the area between Steckel Drive and Olive Street.  Various road closures will be placed when the work is taking place at specific intersections.  Paving work is scheduled to be completed by 7/10 (a week from this Wednesday)!


At the end of every night, the detour will be picked up and traffic will be returned to unrestricted travel.


 Monday, July 1, 8 am to 5 pm

Grinding east of Palm Ave to west of 5th Street.

Paving Steckel Drive to just east of Craig Drive


Tuesday, July 2, 8 am to 5 pm

Grinding west of 5th Street to east of 8th Street

Paving east of Craig Drive to east of Vernon Way


Wednesday, July 3, 8 am to 5 pm

Grinding east of 8th Street to 10th Street

Paving east of Vernon Way to east of Palm Ave (Palm Ave Intersection will be closed)


Thursday, July 4, No work


Friday, July 5, 8 am to 5 pm

Paving east of Palm Ave to 5th Street


Side streets (Warren, Craig, Vernon, Olive, 4th, 5th) will be closed at Harvard and routed around the work area.  It is understood that vehicles will likely travel to the businesses along the work zone.  Vehicles will be accommodated, but may have to wait depending on the work taking place. 

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